Onion Skin As Natural Fertilizer

When you have finished cooking, don not throw away onion skin. You can use onion skin to fertilize flowers in vases around your garden.

Collect onion skin (about 200 grams) and dip it into water (about 2 liters) for a night. In the morning, pour water along with the onion skin to vase. Congratulation! Have a beautiful flower!


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Backing Powder and Tea Cup

Using same cup for drinking tea will leave stain inside of it. It is hard to remove such that stain only by using soap or detergent. There is a simple tip for it.

Wet the cup with water. Then spread sufficient backing powder over the stain and rub with sponge till the stain disappears. Finally, rinse the cup with water and you will find your cup clean.

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Welcome to Practical Home Tips!

Hello, My name is Lukman Nulhakiem. I would like to share my experiences on simple practical home tips that I have personally practiced in my daily life. It is simple and you might try at your own home if you wish. I also include home tips that come from my close friends and neighbors, who have practiced at their own home.

If you think, my home tips are valuable you may share it freely with your friends and neighbor wherever they live.

“The best man is who is of much benefit to others.”

Lukman Nulhakiem, Java Island, Indonesia.

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